Medium Moving Boxes

  1. • More Boxes More Space
    • 20 - 18x14x12

    • Shipped WITH a protective cover to ensure safe delivery

    After Instant Rebate Special Price $41.00 Regular Price $48.24
  2. • Larger Printed Boxes
    • 12 - 18x18x16
    • Shipped WITH a protective cover to ensure safe delivery

    After Instant Rebate Special Price $42.50 Regular Price $50.00


If you are looking for all-purpose medium boxes, then is your go-to online packing supplies site. Our high-quality medium boxes serve as the jack of all trades. An average medium box can hold a large array of your household and personal items because it is of ample size yet it never too hefty that you can't lift it up. Oftentimes, consumers are looking for an advantage when making a purchase. When purchasing medium packing boxes with us, the advantage is crystal clear. We sell you a roomy box that is both manageable to hold and transport and which also endures a move flawlessly intact. In fact, our medium cardboard boxes are so practical that if you need to pack a host of items, you can do so worry-free, because our boxes are extraordinarily durable. If you are an avid collector of action movie dvds and are wondering if medium boxes are the right choice to safely bear them, then be certain that they are truly the ideal choice. Or, if you possess a compilation of CD's or any other considerable collection of sorts, our heavy-duty medium boxes fit the bill as your most fitting carrier option. If you are a foodie and love to cook and are unsure whether a medium-sized box will support your smaller appliances or even your canned-goods, then you may rest easy. With the exclusion of weightier items, our cheap medium boxes are the quintessential containers for your move. And if you so desire, once you have unpacked your things, your medium boxes can act as storage space on your closet shelf.

Discounted Medium Boxes

We offer our customers two different varieties of discounted medium boxes, each of which comes in a set of 20 boxes. If you opt to purchase either set, an instant rebate will be applied to the typical retail price, so bargain hunters, pay attention!In addition to this, our medium box sets carry free shipping. If you are located in NYC and wondering where you can buy medium boxes on the cheap, will deliver your order fast and directly to you. Likewise, if you are located on the West Coast, a simple click of the mouse will have our classic medium boxes en route to you ASAP.