X-Large Moving Boxes

  1. • 23x23x16"
    • Shipped WITH a protective cover to ensure safe delivery

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Every conceivable size moving box, be they medium or extra-large boxes, possesses unique carrying capacities. While boxes on the smaller side have the ability to hold heavier items, such as kitchen appliances and books, grander boxes can hold lighter yet bulkier items. Often when packing, we think that minimizing the number of boxes we need can be cost efficient. Yet because extra-large packing boxes have their specific functions, it is wisest not to be a spendthrift at the expense of an unsuccessful move. While several x-large cardboard boxes will certainly be a necessary component of an efficient move, you should not rely exclusively on extra-large boxes for all your belongings. Rather, we advise approaching the contents of your bedroom as ideal for filling those x-large boxes with.

Quality Large Boxes Are The Name Of The Game:

So, when your moving day approaches, and you begin organizing your pillows and blankets into boxes, we advise that they be placed inside our quality large boxes. Each extra-large moving box can fit several pillows or blankets or various combinations of the two. You may also opt to use an x-large box or two for your lampshades or your towel sets. This is a great use of our super durable boxes. Just be careful not to cause your extra-large boxes to become too weighty! After all, someone will have to lift them!

Extra Large Moving Boxes Come In Sets Of 10!

Our Extra-Large Moving Boxes comes in sets of 10. Our sets are perfect for families who own numerous bedwares. Too make your purchase all the more palatable, we offer an instant rebate off the retail price of our boxes so you know that you are getting a great value. And of course, free shipping is our guarantee to you.